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More than 60 % of the injuries that female competitors in high school receive come through cheerleading activities. Cheerleading is a sport that has been neglected, traditionally, in the area of personal injury. That being said, there has been a vital growth of cheerleading injuries in the last five years, alone, with a significant increase of as much as 400 % in the last 20 years. It has been shown that cheerleading injuries occur and that they have increased exponentially in the last two decades. These injuries can include head trauma, strains, brain injuries, sprains and other injuries that can prohibit or disallow future sports activities. If you need a personal injury lawyer in the Western North Carolina area, hop over to to learn more and a free consultation.

Cheerleaders are required to do very physical routines to charm the crowd. They twirl, dance, jump, spin, get tossed into the air, form pyramids and do a variety of other gymnastics. However, the training they receive on gymnastic maneuvering is thought to assist them to accomplish these feats safely. If there has been some form of oversight on the part of trainers, coaches or school officials, which directly or inadvertently led to an injury, there may be a liability for legal compensation to the cheerleader.

In cases where there may be an injury due to the neglectful or wrong action of another, a personal injury attorney may be the best possibility for taking legal recourse. This is because coaches, trainers and school officials have an obligation and obligation to abide by the laws that require them to minimize the risk of injury for cheerleaders. These groups are legitimately answerable for making sure that there is correct safety equipment readily available, and that the coaches and trainers are themselves educated properly. They are also bound by law to have rules in place that would entirely prevent the most risky activities.

There are a large amount of cases that have resulted from a coach, trainer or school official being negligent in preventing or addressing some form of harm. If, it has been identified that there has been a failure to satisfy these requirements, the injured cheerleader may be due compensation. A personal injury attorney has the ability to determine what negligence would be in a scenario where it is assumed that some form of wrong or negligence has been made. A personal injury attorney could also facilitate a settlement if the offender elects to settle out of court.

A personal injury attorney in Western North Carolina will guide the client on the law so that the client can can choose what is best for the client, including working out the best amount possible in a settlement, or asking the best price possible if the case should go to court. This legal representative would know what to ask for, how to plead for the plaintiff, and how to file all of the legal documents that are needed for a settlement or a court case.

While cheerleading does involve some risk to the cheerleader because of its involvement with gymnastics, it does not have to be a dangerous sport. With the correct training and safety equipment, it can be a safe and fulfilling sport for all that are interested in its benefits.